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Croatia and Slovenia   - Individual Travel
Since gaining independence in 1991, both Croatia and Slovenia have opened up and now lure visitors with breathtaking coastal and alpine vistas, romantic and historic towns, great food and wine, and rich cultural traditions shaped by sometimes violent, sometimes peaceful foreign influences. Explore these so similar and at the same time so distinct countries – two of Europe’s youngest democracies.

Montenegro   - Individual Travel
Montenegro’s history is as dramatic as its landscape with impressive cliffs looming over deep fjords and gorgeous forests covering the mountains. Romans, Venetians and Turks among others, tried in vain to dominate this boisterous territory. Finally independent, the country invites you to indulge in its beauty, culture and wonderful cuisine.

Private Shore Experiences   - Individual Travel
Enjoy the Exeter Experience while ashore. We will custom-craft the perfect shore tour for you, your family or your group.

Self Drive Journeys   - Individual Travel
Self Drive journeys throughout Central Europe featuring Norway, the Baltics, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Hungary.

Simply Croatia   - Simply Series
Enjoy the three beautiful cities of Croatia. From the sophisticated Austro-Hungarian architecture of Zagreb, the ancient Roman monuments in Split, to the medieval walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia will surprise you with its history and vibrant culture.
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