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Hidden Russia  

"I have seen the King's majesties of England and the French King's pavilion, but none are like this." 
-Captain Richard Chancellor, 1553
Richard Chancellor was the first Englishman to visit Russia, during the reign of Ivan the IV – better known as Ivan the Terrible. Ivan entertained his guest to lavish dinners on gold plate, and gave him presents of furs and jewelry. Chancellor went sightseeing and saw that Moscow was a much bigger city than London, yet he described it also as "a rude and barbarous kingdom."
We think you’ll find Russia to be an infinitely more refined country than the Russia Chancellor found in the 16th century, especially while exploring sights that ordinary travelers are not allowed to see, on our Hidden Russia tour of Moscow, the Golden Ring, and St. Petersburg. This itinerary focuses on exploring Russia’s concealed treasures in an intimate and luxurious atmosphere. Our small groups, ranging in size from six to eighteen people, allow us to take our guests places that are closed to all but a select few. Unique to this itinerary is a visit to the enchanting villages of the Golden Ring, including the “Colonial Williamsburg” of Russia: Suzdal. One very special visit will be into the Grand Kremlin Palace and Terem located inside the Kremlin and not open to the general public. Our guests are among the few ever allowed to enter this ancient treasure, which has housed the very earliest tsars, including Ivan the Terrible. This is not an ordinary tour of Russia.
 Tour Basics...
4 Nights in Moscow
2 Nights in Suzdal
4 Nights in St. Petersburg
  • Step inside the Grand Faceted Palace and Terem in the Kremlin – the official residence of the President of Russia
  • Tour of the Bolshoi Theatre
  • Experience the “real” Russia in the historic countryside outside Moscow
  • Hermitage with a Curator - See untold treasures of the Hermitage in their Storage Chambers
  • Private Tour of the new Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg                  
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