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Independent Drives in Central Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltics

Changing the way you experience travel

The charming villages of Bohemia, Hungary, Poland and the Adriatic are finally accessible.  Driving your own car gives you the freedom to explore even the smallest towns and villages in this most picturesque part of Europe- at a price that is very affordable. In the past, the only option was hiring a private car and driver in this part of the world, but by exploring with your own car, you can omit the cost of hiring a private driver (and his or her accommodations and meals) when traveling through Eastern Europe.

Exeter International, armed with the latest GPS technology, 24-hour local English-speaking assistance and an unmatched expertise in Eastern European travel, is ready to revolutionize the independent driving experience in Eastern Europe. While driving through Western Europe has been quite easy for years, it has never been easy in Eastern Europe: poor (or no) signage, lack of English-speaking help and arcane road rules made driving through this part of the world an adventure that few would willingly take on!

Introducing Exeter International’s self-drive programs- the first independent driving tours through Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Explore on your own, in complete confidence that you have Exeter International standing behind you every step of the way.

Expert route, touring, accommodation and logistics planning, before you hit the road
No one knows this part of the world better than Exeter International. Our staff has lived and worked in Eastern Europe, so we are uniquely positioned to make your trip perfect, custom-designed to your exact specifications.

A Pre-loaded Garmin GPS system
Imagine picking up your rental car, plugging in your Garmin navigation system and hitting the button for your first destination- already loaded into your system. Make a wrong turn? Don’t like the road that the Garmin has chosen? Just keep on driving and pick a new route. Garmin will get you back on track and headed to your intended destination immediately. Exeter International will have all your destinations preset in your Garmin, so you can’t get lost!

24-hour local help line
Our offices throughout Eastern Europe will know your itinerary and will be ready to help you at any time in case of an emergency- or if you simply have a question about your trip. Rest assured that you are not alone, even when driving across the most remote parts of this part of Europe.

Jewish Heritage
Eastern Europe is rich in Jewish history and many of the towns you will encounter offer extraordinary Jewish roots. From Mad in Hungary to Mikulov and Trebic in the Czech Countryside, from the ancient synagogues in Croatia to Lublin and Lodz in Poland, you can explore the very early life of Jewish culture in Europe.

Hiring a private car and driver in Europe is not inexpensive, but rental car rates for self-drives offer extraordinary value in comparison. We are experts in finding the best rental car values, no matter the country or the route.
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