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Romania is truly one of the last European frontier lands, a country whose heart is not in its cities, but in its magnificent countryside, small picturesque villages, and Old World traditions. The country offers something for every interest or taste – from ancient fortresses and monasteries to great food and wine.

Transylvania, with its fortified churches, is a testimony to the Saxon colonization in the Middle Ages. Saxon merchants arrived here in the 12th Century to help fortify and defend the eastern borders of the region, which at that time were controlled by the Hungarian Kingdom.  The Saxons founded several settlements, among which are the present-day cities of Sighisoara, Brasov, Sibiu, and Cluj-Napoca, which all boast perfectly preserved architecture.

If you can imagine Old World Europe alive and well, you can imagine Maramures. When you travel through this region, you get to step back in time like nowhere else on the continent, as this is the last corner of Europe where plowing, planting, harvesting, and hay-making are still done by hand. Beyond the “living history” of Maramures, you will find beautiful rural scenery and wooden churches among original rural architecture.

The Southern Bucovina region is a rural paradise with painted churches that are among the greatest artistic monuments of Europe and also designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Bucovina is also known for its religious art, folklore, and beautiful handicrafts, including embroidery, ceramics and carpet weaving.

In Depth

If you have time to explore Maramures, you will not be disappointed. The famous wooden churches of the region (designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site), were built in the 18th Century and are unique in the world. The most characteristic feature of these churches is the soaring tower above the entrance and the massive roof that seems to dwarf the main body of the church.

All private travel is customized based on your specific interests, travel dates, included experiences, entrance fees and hotel choices.  Sample pricing is listed in the back of our brochure, but the exact prices vary according to travel dates.

  We recommend...
2 Nights in Bucharest
3 Nights in Transylvania in the towns of Sibiu, Sighisoara, or Brasov
2 Nights in the Maramures region
2 Nights in the Southern Bucovina region
  • Visit a traditional farmer’s market
  • Take private lessons in traditional handicrafts, such as pottery, weaving, egg painting and woodcarving
  • Private tour of an Orthodox monastery near Iasi with one of the monks before a tasting of local wines in the monastery’s cellars
  • Stop into one of the small villages in Maramures or Southern Bucovina and be invited in for a drink and chat with the locals
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