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Private Shore Experiences in Ukraine

The Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea offer something for everyone. History buffs will delight in tours through the castles and palaces in Yalta. Odessa will fascinate anyone interested in Jewish heritage. Wine aficionados will not want to miss a private tasting at one of the Crimean vineyards.

Whatever your interests may be, Exeter International will custom-design your shore experiences throughout the ports of the Black Sea so you can maximize your time with your private guide and in comfort of your private car.
Founded in 1794 by the Empress Catherine the Great, Odessa is a surprisingly young city but its history is all the more vibrant due to its diverse population and strategic significance. A leisurely walk through the well preserved center will include the gorgeous Opera House and the legendary Potemkin Stairs. Odessa was once home to a thriving Jewish community and your private guide will be happy to take you through the former Jewish Quarter and to the renovated synagogue. Alternatively, travel outside the city to explore the catacombs where the partisans hid during the WWII.
Yalta is without a doubt one of the most beautiful towns on the Black Sea. Its dramatic mountainous landscape provides an impressive backdrop for the gorgeous architecture of the Imperial palaces and residences of Russian aristocracy. Exeter’s private tour will take you through the elegant Vorontsov Palace and Livadia Palace, the venue of the Yalta conference, while leaving some time for you to enjoy Yalta’s wonderful promenade filled with shops and cafes.
Sevastopol, home of the Black Sea Fleet, offers an intriguing insight into Russian and Soviet navy. History buffs will know about the 11 month long Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War and will surely enjoy a visit to the Panorama depicting this dramatic event. A trip outside of the city to visit Bakhchisaray, residence of the Crimean Khans, will complete the picture of Crimea as the multicultural and vibrant region that it is.
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