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Private Shore Experiences in the Baltics

The Baltic States are fascinating for their tumultuous history and an enviable drive that allowed them to turn themselves into thriving and modern democracies after the fall of the Soviet Union. A cruise through the Baltic Sea is the perfect way to visit Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Exeter’s private shore excursions will ensure that you will experience these countries at their best.
Tallinn is the epitome of Old World ambiance, but getting stuck in a large group of tourists is no way to enjoy the charm that this city has to offer.  Your private guide will help you navigate the crowds so you can see the Estonian art in the fabulous KUMU museum or indulge in sea kayaking without the cruise ship masses.
In Riga, your private guide will help you discover the city's rich architectural heritage with an emphasis on Art Nouveau. For theater buffs, a private tour of the historic Riga Opera House, where Baryshnikov began his career, will surely be a highlight of the entire Baltic journey. Travelers interested in Jewish heritage can visit the synagogue or Riga’s Jewish Community Center.
Klaipeda, Lithuania’s most important port, is a charming town, but the place to visit is the UNESCO protected Curonian Spit, home to fragile sand dunes and picturesque little villages. The landscape is so lovely that the famous writer Thomas Mann purchased a summer home here.
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