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Private Shore Experiences in Romania and Bulgaria

Constanta is Romania's second most important city and its oldest. Founded around 600BCE, Constanta benefitted from its strategic location as the crossroad of important commercial routes.  Today, visitors enjoy a multitude of archeological and historic sites as well as a wonderful atmosphere of the seaside resort town. Allow us to arrange a private visit to the home of a craftsman, an Exeter Extraordinary Experience, or discover the secrets of wine making at one of the area's prestigious vineyards.

The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast offers not only popular beach destinations, but also an abundance of historic monuments dating back to ancient times. In Varna, Exeter guests will have the opportunity to see the well preserved Roman thermal baths, the magnificent Summer Palace of Queen Marie as well as the amazing Black Sea Gold Collection, considered to be the oldest gold in the world. In Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site, enjoy a walking tour through the Old Town featuring magnificent Byzantine churches and wooden houses built in the Black Sea renaissance style.
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